Do you know that travelling creates lasting happiness, much more so than materials? We do. And that's why we are dedicating a big part of our lives to exploring new places and spending quality time together as a couple. Travelling together is so much fun that we decide on creating a blog to record our experience and help others to fulfill their wanderlust.

We are a big fan of visiting lesser-known places and low-season travel, which we named "What U Don't Know Yet (WUDKY) travel". Exploring someplace other than touristy sites can make your trip much more memorable, saving big on waiting time and pricey hotels/restaurants. For example, opt for Sicily when you visit Italy, or visit Barcelona in autumn/winter instead of summer. While friends have complained about cunning Italians in Rome, we had the best time ever in Trapani, Sicily. We have had so much positive experience with WUDKY travel, it just needs to be shared. The best stories are found here on this blog; "What U Don't Know Yet" hopefully will live up to its name.

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